AmEx partners with mobile app platform to launch digital campaign

As part of its new digital brand campaign, "The Membership Effect," American Express teamed up with mobile app company Zumobi to create a personalized mobile marketing campaign.

The campaign "will create rich experiences for smartphone users personalized to their interests and spending habits plus combine video, user generated content and social media on smartphones," according to a release.

Leveraging Zumobi's Brand Integration platform, AmEx will be able to create a personalized "panorama" or timeline of images tailored to each user based on their interests in shopping, dining, electronics or travel. Cardmembers can also sync their AmEx cards with their Facebook, Twitter and foursquare accounts to provide updates of their current location.

Forbes notes that AmEx has already begun marketing its campaign via TV spots featuring comedian Aziz Ansari and famous chef Thomas Keller.

"This campaign is really about creating personalized and meaningful connections between American Express and its card members and we're delighted that, through ZBi, we could enable that experience in such an organic way," said Zumobi CEO Ken Willner.