CBS uses text message marketing to promote fall lineup

CBS has decided to deploy a text message aspect as part of its promotional campaign for its fall lineup, Mobile Marketer reports.

Philippe Browning, vice president of advertising and operations at CBS Mobile, New York, explained to the news source that he opted for text messaging in the TV network's mobile marketing campaign instead of QR codes because of its availability to a wider audience.

"Everyone has phones that support SMS," Browning told the news source. "QR codes have an added barrier with a download and although we are interested in it and have experimented with the technology, it doesn't have the same value of a text."

Consumers will be able to view ads for new CBS shows in print, and then text a specific keyword to a short code provided to them. They can then follow a link to a video clip with a preview of the show.

According to Business2Community, businesses can benefit by using SMS for a mobile marketing campaign because of its relatively low cost, immediate delivery, return-on-investment tracking, targeting capabilities and its nearly 100 percent open rate - the highest of all marketing mediums.