Converting check-ins into actual sales

Location-based marketing applications are becoming more common as business owners look to utilize the check-in feature to gain a better understanding of their consumer bases and offer discounts.

In order for an owner to properly set up a LBM initiative, Search Engine Watch recommends, among other things, taking the time to learn about different platforms that offer the service. Once it's determined which product - i.e. foursqaure, Yelp, Facebook Places - a company's fan base prefers, it's easier to pinpoint which networks to join and add a listing.

Furthermore, it's important to balance variety with cost when outlining deals to offer to customers. If a business has multiple locations, testing different deals at different stores may determine which types of offers a customer base responds to and which deals are redeemed more often in order to avoid stale propositions.

Mediapost points out that multichannel mobile marketing strategies that merge television with smartphones allow companies to view real-time metrics of a consumer base, as they're able to send advertising prompts to nearby devices.