Don't make these mobile marketing mistakes in 2012

Mobile marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and some brands may be worried about rushing to get their mobile products on the market instead of exercising caution in their campaigns.

For example, Mobile Marketer notes that one major pitfall companies tend to make is hiding their brand in favor of fancy designs or photos. This doesn't translate as well on the smaller screen.

"I've seen advertisers use creative that is barely branded or with logos that are very small and tucked off into a corner and wonder why their ad didn't perform as well as they would have liked," Joy Liuzzo, vice president and director of InsightExpres, told the news source.

She added that this should be one of the easier downfalls to avoid, and that consumers aren't likely to take the extra time to squint and view who the advertiser is.

In addition, the news source cautions against creating copy intended for clicks instead of touch. Touchscreens are widely adopted on most smartphones, so small text or links may need to be enlarged.

Business Insider adds that marketers need to be wary about QR codes. Some companies have codes that lead back to their homepage, or need to be activated in an email - both of which are time-consuming and not always possible.