Focus on digital devices for local search strategies

The purpose of local search is to make company information more accessible to interested prospects, but in order to make it more convenient for people to interact with brands, businesses need to take mobile interaction into account. Consumers are buying smartphones and tablets at an incredibly rapid rate, meaning they are on their mobile devices and connecting with brands while on the go.

Local search plays a large role in how users come across brands on their mobile devices. And not only are people interacting on their smartphones on a daily basis, smartphone searches are expected to increase and become one of the only methods in which consumers interact online.

What the experts say
ComScore's 2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report showed that more opportunities lie ahead for companies looking to solidify their online presence and garner more interest. The report even went on to say that people are interacting in a "fragmented digital media landscape," meaning they are on their computers, smartphones and tablets. Marketers have to adapt and provide quality experiences on each platform. Websites should be optimized for every device and local search options to ensure maximum visibility.

"It's clear that the dynamics of the marketplace have fundamentally evolved through the adoption of smartphones and tablets and the increasingly digital nature of all media," said Linda Abraham, chief marketing officer at comScore. "Navigating this changing landscape requires a holistic understanding of the key trends, underlying drivers and new opportunities that the digital ecosystem will bring in the year ahead."

How to get ahead
In order to master local search for multiple devices, marketers need to look into the future and determine where their companies should be now so they're not behind months down the road. Preparing now for rapid market changes will help when it comes time to integrate more mediums or include more devices on the local search marketing campaign.

One of the most important things to remember is that customers are looking for convenience. ClickZ pointed out that mobile promotions for a business like a restaurant, for example, can target certain people and garner their interest during certain times in certain locations. More importantly, prospects are able to find companies if their websites are optimized correctly. Overall, stronger attention to people's needs and desires will help bring marketers to a new level of local search marketing and provide better experiences for their target audiences.