Foursquare iOS update focuses on search

Foursquare will be updating its iOS mobile app Wednesday morning, an update that will continue efforts to focus on local search and discovery and location recommendations. All Things D reported that the search feature will now be located at the forefront of the phone to encourage more location searches. There are currently three tabs with "explore" being one of them. The explore tab is expected to expand and become a main focal point for Foursquare users.

The new update takes the idea of local search to a new level. All Things D quotes Foursquare engineer Andrew Hogue as saying people aren't looking for places to simply grab food and drinks anymore. Instead, they are looking more or less for an adventure within their community. Because of this, the Explore tab will be getting much more exposure.

Fast Company pointed out that while the check-ins will still be a main part of the app, there is much more that lies underneath. For instance, users will be encouraged to use the Foursquare search engine to its full potential and share and research other users' and friends' experiences.

Local search efforts can capitalize on the updated Foursquare tool and offer more for interested prospects looking to interact with brands and find businesses in their area.