Google calls for optimized mobile landing pages

Google recently announced that the mobile optimization of a website will carry more weight as a factor of mobile ad quality for all AdWords campaigns, TechCrunch reports.

This means that in order for ads to perform better on targeted search results and local SEO campaigns, they'll need to have a landing page that's optimized for mobile. Google explains that the change is being made because a poor mobile web experience can negatively shape a consumer's opinion of a brand, as 61 percent of users reported being unlikely to return to a mobile site if they had trouble accessing it from their phone, the media outlet reports.

Search Engine Watch points out that Google has offered some suggestions for optimal mobile marketing site optimization. This includes keeping the page layout simple, designing the page for thumbs instead of mice connected to a desktop, prioritizing content, using uniquely mobile features and making it easily convertible.

The move shouldn't be completely unexpected to mobile marketers, as TechCrunch adds that last year Google began to limit ad serving on smartphones if they led to landing pages with Flash-heavy content, as it bogged down the user experience.