Google's new AdWords metric enhances mobile phone number tracking

Last year, Google unveiled its Click to Call program, which used phone numbers placed in AdWords' mobile service to initiate and track customer calls.

This metric acted as a form of offline conversion tracking and provided a clearer picture of local SEO campaigns. Also, phone-based leads are more qualified and have a perceived higher value than clicks, Search Engine Land reports.

The search giant recently announced in a Mobile Ads blog post that it has now extended mobile call tracking beyond phone numbers in AdWords and into mobile landing pages

Google AdWords will now let marketers track calls made from mobile devices to a business after users have clicked the phone number on a company's website.

"Google is introducing a new conversion tracking metric . . . to report calls placed from mobile pages," the blog noted.

Business owners can track clicks on a phone number or "call" button back to an AdWords campaign, ad or keyword that lured the customer to the page. The program aims to provide advertisers with "richer information on the value and returns from their mobile advertising."