Google unveils new mobile marketing features

Google has addressed mobile marketing head-on, with a plethora of advertising options that businesses can take advantage of. Friday it announced three new mobile-ready ad choices.

Its Custom Search Ads for search applications provide relevant answers for people searching for a product or service on their mobile phones.

A Click to Download feature helps consumers who are looking for information about a specific app, and links them to the App Store or Android Marketplace for direct download.

Staying with the app theme, mobile app extensions enable businesses to "use mobile search ads to direct someone to a page within a mobile app already installed on their phone." The news source uses the example of a search for sneakers, and an ad that directs the person to a shopping app that they've downloaded.

Another existing mobile marketing option that some businesses may not yet be aware of is Click to Call, which, according to Google's AdWords blog, places location-specific business phone numbers in ads on search engine results. The phone number is located just below the company's website link, so users can click the number to call the business for immediate information. Location technology places ads for companies that are in closer proximity to the user higher up on search results.