KFC takes to mobile for QR code campaign

A mobile marketing campaign from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) aims to create a more interactive experience with consumers during their meal, Mobile Marketer reports. The campaign features quick response (QR) codes on soft drink cups, offering consumers the opportunity to win "hundreds" of prizes that are given away every hour.

"The QR code gives KFC an immediate way to create a customer relationship management strategy," Mike Wehrs, CEO of Scanbuy, told the news source. "The customer has already purchased the product and now they can simply scan the code to get additional content and win great prizes for doing so."

Wehrs adds that the code "speaks to the customer at the moment," which is a more effective measure than trying to connect with them at a later time - say, when they're full.

The codes work by asking customers to scan them on their mobile devices, which then redirects users to a mobile landing page where they can enter the code featured on their cup. Upon entering, users can see if they won any prizes, which range from a trip to Las Vegas to free KFC chicken for a year. Customers can also win free Dr. Pepper for a year or a one-year premium subscription to Slacker Personal Radio.

Speaking of online radio stations, KFC's QR campaign is actually part of a larger mobile initiative to promote its Chunky Chicken Pot Pie product, which encourages people to engage with the product via a branded Pandora radio station, the news source notes in a separate article. Users who sign up can listen to their favorite Pandora stations on their iPhones per usual, but instead of regular ads they'll hear spots that advertise the pot pie.

The mobile ads also allow consumers to find the store location nearest to them, view other menu items and browse nutrition facts.

"Numbers from our latest trend report indicated that 2D code adoption, such as QR code adoption, continues to rise among consumers," Wehrs added, as quoted by the media outlet. "This year, we expect brands to use the technology as a gateway into more strategic ideas that deliver real ROI whether it be to grow CRM or drive purchases."

KFC also integrated social media into the campaign, encouraging customers to share their sweepstakes experience with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. This will grant them a free code for more prize opportunities.