Know where your customers are in 2012

Location-based marketing is a burgeoning trend, and one that advertisers hoping to gain ground in the local search and mobile marketing sectors should acknowledge, according to email and marketing automation company Silverpop.

In its report, 7 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2012, the company notes that the rise of social media and check-in apps such as foursquare has opened up prime marketing opportunities. Foursquare recently passed the 10 million user mark, and is growing by 1 million users per month.

The better a company is marketed, the more benefits it receives from location-based marketing. This is because every time a person checks in on a mobile device, he or she spreads brand awareness to all of their social followers.

In order to achieve success in location-based marketing in 2012, the report suggests integrating local initiatives into email, mobile and social to maximize reach and revenue, establishing loyalty programs and rewards for purchases, check-ins and sharing, launching contests or sweepstakes and delivering personalized, location-specific offers.

The Star-Telegram reports that JCPenney has been increasingly taking advantage of local marketing, and is using foursquare to reward shoppers who check-in with digital holiday coupons.