Marketers should avoid one-size-fits-all approach to mobile marketing

When it comes to technology, research has found that members of different ethnicities use available resources in different ways. PRWeek cites multiple studies that exacerbate the need the create tailored mobile marketing campaigns.

Pew Hispanic Center found that 78 percent of native-born Latinos aged 25-to-34 use social networking sites, and according to Experian Simmons research relayed by The Next Web, Hispanic customers are more likely to be influenced by businesses on social media sites. Nielson found that Latinos are also more likely than the average U.S. household to have a cellphone with internet and video capabilities, and thus, send approximately 200 more text messages per month than members of any other ethnicity.

Furthermore, African-Americans where found to use the most mobile voice minutes per month and access social media more frequently than the "mainstream," according to Aribtron data. They also use Twitter more than any other ethnic group, the data showed.

Another finding marketers should take note of is the fact that 36 percent of Asian and Pacific Islanders were found to use an iPhone - more than any other group.

The news source suggests mobile marketing campaigns should directly target minority communities based on their usage tendencies, as each group utilizes today's technology in different ways.