Marketing service targets small businesses on Puget Sound

Mobile technology has made accomplishing daily tasks more efficient. Instead of being relegated to sitting at a desk in front of a computer in order to check email and surf the web, people can use smartphones and iPads to make dinner reservations or find local vendors on the go.

"Today, everyone is using mobile smartphones to research and shop when they're out and about, so there is a real need for businesses to reach customers where they are," said Alex Mickus, owner of Hullabaloo New Media Marketing.

Bothell, Washington-based Hullabaloo will offer mobile marketing services to small businesses on Puget Sound. Residents can now use products such as Google Maps to find the nearest local shops without carrying around a computer or searching for a building with Wi-Fi.

Mickus points out that most businesses aren't leveraging mobile marketing technology to promote themselves, and those that don't have a mobile website simply do not exist for today's new savvy breed of shoppers who rely on their mobile phones.

The surging popularity of mobile marketing has many businesses rushing to strike while the iron is hot. However, a recent survey by custom media marketing solutions company King Fish Media reports that 34 percent of the companies polled have yet to measure the return on investment from their campaigns.