Mobile marketing may extend to television

EMarketer estimates that U.S. internet marketers will invest around $4.4 billion in mobile advertising by 2015, MediaPost reports. That would represent a marked increase from the $1 billion that was spent this year.

Researchers found that local retailers commit to the most mobile ads, while smartphones and location-based services drive mobile search to physical stores.

However, according to a recent Efficient Frontier study, tracking return on investment from outlets other than mobile - such as desktop and television - have been difficult.

"Anecdotally, I know several large national brands are seeing about 15 percent to 20 percent of the impression volume coming from mobile campaigns," said Siddharth Shah, senior director of business analytics at Efficient Frontier. However, he added that it's important to consider the investment returns on keywords and how each converts on a desktop.

Marketing agency Razorfish recently touched on how mobile companies can integrate marketing campaigns across mediums - specifically television - in its annual outlook report.

While researchers found that media spend for mobile has nearly doubled since 2010, they also discovered that marketers don't take into account the typical user's multitasking behavior in correlation with their mobile devices.

Specifically, researchers found a link between mobile usage and television.

"The big news is that 80 percent of mobile phone owners are using phones while watching TV," said Jeremy Lockhorn, vice president of emerging media at Razorfish. "This begs a reconsideration of a lot of different aspects of marketing. It is critical to think about creating true multi-screen experiences.

Understanding how users interact with their phones while watching TV may open up marketing possibilities for advertisers to engage potential consumers with discounts or deals, or calls-to-action based on the specific show or certain advertisements they know will appear during a broadcast.

The study found that 15 percent of users stay on their devices for the duration of the show they're watching. Furthermore, 70 percent reported that they engage in mobile/TV multitasking behavior at least once a week, and 49 percent do so every day.

Nearly 50 percent of respondents check their phones during sporting events, while reality, comedy, food and news channels were other top show categories that users typically watch while multitasking.