Mobile SEO tips for your business

As smartphones become increasingly popular, it's not uncommon for a consumer to come across your business through a local search on their mobile device. Because your clients have such easy access to information on their phones, it's important to make sure your local search marketing is optimized for mobile users. Consider these always-connected clients when looking to expand your SEO capabilities. Have you considered how mobile users will affect your current strategies?

New search methods
It's not always what you search - it's how you search. Customers using mobile devices tend to search a bit differently than those using a desktop. Pick up a smartphone and type some keywords into a search engine. Did you do anything differently than you'd do on your desktop?

Mobile searches are likely to use shorter phrases and rely more on assistance, such as the Google Autocomplete feature. Consider this carefully when determining the best SEO practices to draw in mobile users. Make sure you're optimizing your website to attract mobile users as well as desktop users.

Appearances count
Once your local search optimization leads a mobile visitor to your website, it better be mobile-friendly in order to keep them there. Consider how your desktop website will appear on a small smartphone screen - it will likely be small, difficult to navigate and visually unappealing. A website optimized for mobile devices will ensure customers spend more time on your site because it's user-friendly and easy to read. Remember that your mobile visitors are likely browsing for entertainment, and you need to hold their interest for as long as possible.

Even though it's important to keep customers engaged with your mobile pages, there should always be a link to your main desktop page available. This will ensure visitors can get the full web experience if they choose to do so.

Showing up in local listings
When a potential client performs a search, they should quickly be able to spot your business in local listings. If your company isn't showing up, it's time to register your business so it appears in frequently used search engines. Mobile users are increasingly using local searches, so it's essential to make sure your listings are up-to-date. It will be hard to ensure your local internet marketing is effective if your business isn't easy to find, so check in on your mobile SEO strategies today.