Multi-format and display button integration for mobile marketing campaigns

In a recent IBM survey of marketers, more than 60 percent reported that they bought mobile advertising or plan to within the next year.

With the rapid rise of mobile devices - smartphones, tablets, iPods, etc. - small businesses should take advantage of mobile marketing to expand the reach of their products and engage users. In fact, ad recall by those who view a mobile ad is 15 percent higher than any other channel, according to Yahoo researchers.

Writing for Mobile Marketer, Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm NewMedia, provides strategies to get the most of out a mobile marketing campaign.

Business owners should consider using a multi-format approach that involves in-stream video - an ad played before video content, pre-roll video - an ad played in between content and an option to tap to video - a campaign that plays after a consumer taps on a banner.

In addition, advertisers may want to consider adding display buttons integrated within a video that can prompt a user to extend his or her experience to a longer, more elaborate ad.

The Internet Advertising Bureau adds that creating two minute-long video case studies offers an alternative to traditional methods.