NFL, MLB teams utilize mobile marketing campaigns

The Houston Texans were able to boost their mobile subscriber base by more than 200 percent in 2011 thanks to well-developed mobile marketing campaigns.

During the season, the team provided mobile messaging updates that sent everything from live scores and injury reports to team transactions and even player autograph appearances to fans' mobile phones. Houston's mobile news alerts campaign turned out to be a success, growing subscribers by 206 percent over the past year.

"The response from our fans reflects the success of our venue and the technology supporting it," said Nick Schenk, director of integrated media at the Houston Texans.

In addition, the "Pix-to-Screen" campaign used customized mobile tactics and graphics to impress subscribers. Fans were prompted to send pictures from their mobile devices to be displayed in real time on the team's preseason TV broadcast and on digital signage throughout its home facility, Reliant Stadium.

The Texans took advantage of Americans' increase in mobile usage in 2011, and found that every single one of their campaigns generated subscriber growth rates of more than 100 percent.

In other sports news, the Oakland Athletics' marketing team recently took home first place in the 2012 National Sports Forum ADchievement Overall Award of Excellence competition for best social/mobile media campaign. The "Steal the Base" initiative encouraged fans to find 130 mini-bases hidden throughout Oakland's Easy Bay, with hints sent to mobile social media platforms.