Optimize a site for mobile or risk being left behind

According to a recent survey of smartphone users, nine out of 10 consumers have taken action as a result of a mobile search, according to The Huffington Post. Furthermore, 77 percent of those users ended up calling or visiting a business.

More accessible and easy-to-navigate smartphones have resulted in mobile search becoming second-nature for many people, and it's important for a company to determine its mobile marketing strategy in order to stay relevant with current trends.

The news source recommends analyzing site traffic to identify how many users are accessing or purchasing products from the site via a mobile device. If it's a significant number, a mobile marketing campaign may be in order.

A campaign involves optimizing a company's website for mobile viewing, and taking advantage of ad formats to help users find information faster. According to recent research from Google and the Mobile Marketing Association, just 33 percent of U.S. businesses currently have mobile-optimized sites, Mobile Groove reports.

Mobile ads can make store information readily available, and can even display distance information, alerting customers as to how close they are to a business. Creating a scenario in which potential customers don't need to click and type as much is essential for a mobile-optimized site.