Report: Mobile marketing to outspend web-based advertising by 2016

According to a recent report from research and consulting firm Borrell Associates, mobile marketing is growing at a faster rate than both cable or internet advertising did during their hey-days.

Local U.S. businesses are expected to spend approximately $800 million on mobile ads in 2011, with half of that money going towards promotions, contents, coupons and deals.

Murray Dudgeon, head of client services for global internet marketing company Acxiom's European division, tells Biz Report that businesses should take advantage of the growing mobile landscape.

"The digital age is accelerating the opportunity for brands to truly engage with consumers across all channels," he said. "Equally, it is leading to constant shifts in the way people buy and interact with brands."

According to the Borrell report, mobile marketing spending is projected to double every year for the next five years, reaching $18 billion by 2016, which is more than many Main Street businesses currently spend on traditional web-based advertising.