Report: Mobile users want increased integration

The recently released 2011 Mobile Consumer Report from consumer research company Experian Simmons reveals that mobile phones are being used more frequently as a primary entertainment source, and that there is significant money to be made from mobile marketing in the future.

A recent JP Morgan report estimated that U.S. mobile ad spending will nearly double to $1.2 billion this year, according to Experian's website. Furthermore, the study found that 29 percent of respondents believed that cellphones will eventually become their primary device for entertainment needs.

"The explosion in usage of mobile technologies is an industry game-changer, and marketers need reliable insights to better understand this rapidly changing landscape," said Ken Wollenberg, general manager of Experian Simmons.

More than half of those surveyed - 56 percent - currently have internet access on their phones. Plus, video - a key component for website owners looking to increase their local SEO rankings - is watched by 27 percent of respondents.

Plus, the rise of the mobile wallet can be seen in the 36 percent who reported that they want to make in-store purchases using their iPhones, while 20 percent of those who use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter reportedly want to access their accounts via smartphone.