Should Your Business Invest in App Creation?

iPhone and Droid apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst small businesses. But how do you know when your company should invest in a developer to create a custom app and when it is simply a waste of time?

Think About the Needs of Your Clients

Most likely, your customers do business with you to satisfy some sort of need. For example, if you are a doctor, they are most likely ill. If you own a restaurant, they are probably hungry.  If you own a retail store, they probably have a need for a certain item you sell. Deciding to have an app created breeds off the client's particular need for your business.

Think About the Wants of Your Clients

Once you know what they need, think about what they want. For example, does a doctor's patients want to be able to schedule appointments via their smartphone? Does an restaurant patron want to see the menu or make reservations before they arrive? Does a retail customer want to be able to see what items you offer and purchase them directly from his or her phone?

Decide Whether an App is a Good Way to Blend the Two

App creation can be a bit costly, especially when compared to other local internet marketing choices. Thus, it is usually best to be able to give your customers a few different features instead of just one or two. (Keeping with the above mentioned restaurant example, a restaurant goer could use a proposed iPhone app to see the menu AND order takeout. )

When Creating an App is a Waste of Time

If you have thoroughly examined the needs and wants of your clients, but cannot find a way for them to utilize their smart phone to meet them, then creating a custom app for your business is probably futile.