Survey: Custom ads the preferred form of mobile marketing

A recent study conducted by global mobile marketing technology provider Upstream revealed that mobile advertisements tailored to a user's tastes and interests are the most popular forms of mobile marketing.

The survey - which polled 2,000 Americans who used either smartphones or feature phones - found custom ads outperformed other forms of marketing, such as offers based on timing, lifestyle or location.

"While location remains an important factor in delivering mobile ads, tailoring interactions via mobile to consumers' 'tastes and interests' clearly presents much greater potential for driving higher response and conversion rates," said Assaf Baciu, Upstream's senior vice president of product management.

Feature phone users indicated that they prefer personalized offers 59 percent of the time, compared to 18 percent for timing offers such as those featured on Groupon. Lifestyle and location-based ads followed with 16 and 8 percent, respectively.

Smartphone users displayed similar results, as 60 percent preferred custom ads, with 18 percent favoring time-sensitive ads, 14 percent selecting location and 10 percent favoring lifestyle.

In a recent BizReport interview with Zephrin Lasker, CEO of signup ads platform Pontiflex, he noted that looking toward 2012, brands need to stray from the "one message fits all approach," and connect more effectively with real people on an individual basis.