Survey: Marketers prefer partners with targeting and reach capabilities

According to a recent study from targeted mobile advertising company Jumptap, the most important factors in a mobile marketing partner are targeting and reach.

The State of Mobile Advertising study surveyed more than 600 respondents about what they thought a mobile marketing partner should be adept at, as well as their overall use of the medium for ad purposes.

Approximately 79 percent of those polled stated that they engage in mobile marketing and advertising, with 66 percent of that group having started a mobile effort within the last five years.

Furthermore, the majority of respondents planned to increase mobile campaign spending by 35 percent in the coming year - a marked increase from the 6 percent advertisers currently spend, on average. A mere 4 percent use more than 50 percent of their budgets on mobile.

In addition to targeting and reach, creative options, price and reputation were also deemed important factors of a mobile marketing partner.

"Providing agencies and advertisers with what they need to make mobile advertising simple and their campaigns smarter, is critical to growing the medium," said Paran Johar, CMO of Jumptap. "Our latest Q3 report illustrates not only the current status of the industry, but what is important to advertisers as they make their mobile advertising purchase decisions."