Survey: Would users pay to remove ads?

A recent survey from Prosper Mobile Insights aimed to determine how mobile users view the sometimes intrusive ads that pop up on the sites and social networks they visit.

Specifically, nearly 75 percent of those polled said they fully pay attention to mobile ads while browsing the web, while more than 50 percent said they pay full attention to ads they see while visiting social media sites on their smartphones.

What's more, 46.2 percent of those polled said they wouldn't be willing to pay to remove ads on social networking sites.

One reason why users may be reluctant to pay to have ads removed is because they actually aren't all that intrusive. TheNextWeb cites a quote from Twitter CEO Dick Costello, explaining why ads work on his platform.

"We're borne of mobile. We have an ad platform that already is inherently suited to mobile, even though we launched our platform on the web and only started running ads on mobile recently," the news source states.

Twitter's ads also blend seamlessly with the rest of the content on the network, and don't jump out at users as an advertisement.