Toyota embraces barcodes for mobile marketing campaign

Toyota has adopted a technologically-advanced mobile marketing campaign featuring interactive barcodes called ToyoTags.

Consumers with camera-capable cellphones can take pictures of the company's ringed logo designs that are currently being placed across various forms of media. Users then use SMS to send the picture to a specific number, and are transported to a corresponding website.

"ToyoTags enable consumers to engage with us wherever and whenever they want information," said Michael K. Nelson, interactive communications marketing manager at Toyota. "Our goal is to develop campaigns and content that best meet the needs of customers at different stages of the purchase cycle."

The company can build brand awareness and loyalty with campaigns that focus on vehicle and safety information, quotes and care advice. The momentum from these campaigns could be brought to larger initiatives like the company's sponsorship of this summer's Dew Tour, where it will deploy a scavenger hunt for participants to snap tags and receive video responses from celebrities, The New York Times reports.

Toyota also plans to embed barcodes in car brochures for its 2012 Prius line and other popular models, linking customers to interactive content.