Using Video to Successfully Create Leads

Incorporating video into your landing page or web design can be a great way to engage visitors and increase your credibility—when done correctly. Research firm Forrester tells us that video can deliver firm benefits:

  • It can increase page views by driving traffic to your site.
  • It can enhance the time people spend lingering on your site, giving you more opportunity to market to them.
  • It can help to increase conversion.
  • It can reduce your returns.

And that videos are also fifty-three times more likely to appear at the top of search results.

Here are a few tips to help you find out the best format for your service or product, and where to get started.

Is Video Right For You?

The video format is useful when you have testimonials, endorsements, or strong product images to share.  It’s great for product demonstrations and tutorials, using screenshots and audio to offer your users a preview of how simple and easy it is to use your goods. If you do choose to use video, make sure that your content is relevant, entertaining, and ‘polite’—nothing will turn users off faster than an uninteresting video that loads and plays automatically upon entering a site.

Build Your Brand

Series of videos (especially ones designed to be ‘viral’) can create brand recognition and develop a user following for your business. People love to be entertained, and providing regularly updated video content can keep them coming back for more. Consider offering helpful tutorials related to your field, tips and tricks, or other bits of “added value” to motivate viewers to watch and share your material.

You Don’t Have to Be Rich

While some may have the resources to create costly, professional videos with high production value—it isn’t always necessary. A great video can be created as quickly as it takes to add a special attachment to your phone or tablet, and for less than the cost of a fancy director’s beret and a megaphone. You can also find a route somewhere down the middle, and instead of having a video created in-house, opt for an animation with a voiceover.

Tag! You’re It

In addition to providing compelling content, and upping your page value, adding a video can boost your SEO rankings. Carefully researching keywords and incorporating them into your on-page content, tags, video transcription, and video sitemap will all contribute to improving your ranking.


By simply offering a video, you are automatically given numerous opportunities to better your rank, engage users, increase traffic, and reach a wider audience. When creatively and carefully crafted, you can achieve this all with minimal investment.