Foursquare revamps for business presence

Mobile geolocation service foursquare recently made an announcement that it's becoming more business-friendly, with additional features that resemble other popular social media sites, Search Engine Watch reports.

According to Search Engine Land, foursquare's new self-serve pages offer a multitude of features, such as the ability to build a company page and be "followed," along with the capability to share tips and check-ins and interact with the community. The pages also allow for multiple managers and mobile updates.

The new additions act as a mobile marketing tool for the more than 3,000 businesses and brand pages who currently use the site. Company pages had been an available feature since January 2010.

Some companies have already taken advantage of the ability to add user tips. For example, Starbucks shared information about celebrities who stop by certain store locations, while Red Bull notified followers about where it find its products in large locations like airports and malls.

Plus, paidContent points out that managers can upload photos to their tips or check-ins from the web or from their cellphones, which can then be featured in the company's Page Gallery.