4 Best Ways to Get Regular Blog Readers

As the internet has democratized just about every facet of our lives these days, the ability for someone who isn’t a major media entity to set up a blog is a very important thing. It reveals the fact that just about anyone can report or give insight into just about any subject they so choose, echoing the old mantra of net neutrality giving all websites the ability to operate on an equal playing field. Yet while setting up a blog is pretty easy to do, actually convincing people to read your blog on a regular basis, which will allow your blog to grow in popularity, get advertisers and become a self-sustaining, profitable business, is another thing entirely. Even if you have only set up a blog to support another business you own, there are still things you will want to do to drive people to read what is written on it. Below are some suggestions for ways to make people read what is posted on your blog on a regular basis, whether it is for profit or just to support another existing business.

Remind People Regularly

Convincing people to take the time to read your blog on top of all the other things they read or watch out there, as well as all the other things they do in their everyday lives, is the hurdle you will constantly deal with. So you will probably have to remind your audience on a regular basis of why your blog is special. In other words, give your blog some charisma. You can also try to gain popularity and engage people by posting updates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter about what your blog is currently featuring. Email addresses for subscribers become incredibly valuable as well, allowing you to update people who you have a direct and more personal connection with.

It’s All About the Headline

The most important part of a blog, in terms of convincing people to read it, is the headlines. They need to be short, witty and to the point, conveying a message or telling a story in just one line with as few words as possible. Much of this is due to the fact that people online are already distracted and have short attention spans. If your headline for your blog doesn’t catch people's attention and make them click on your link, then they will quickly move onto something else that does.

Eye Catching Photos

Much like a witty headline, when you send an update, a great eye catching photo is also key for drawing the reader’s attention. A photo should obviously pertain to the story, but old advertising tricks should also be employed here, as the photos should be colorful, shocking, beautiful or sexy. This will help to spur someone to click on the link and interact with your blog.

Content Is King

Once you have succeeded in getting people to click on the link, the most important part must be delivered: the content. It should be well-written and entertaining, or at least give the readers the information they want. Keep it short, but try to deliver every time and think about the reader’s overall experience.