Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - January 2020

As we kick off 2020, we're excited to share our latest employee promotions and anniversaries for January! 

Here's who received a promotion this month:

Consultant Promotions

  • Chris Jacobson - Sales Area Leader
  • Ryan Cappolino - Sales Area Leader

Strategist Promotions

  • Josh Webb - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • David VanBlaircom - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Dylan Weaver - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

We can't forget about our anniversaries! Congratulations to the following employees for their hard work and dedication to RevLocal:

7 Year Anniversary

  • Ana Maria Lehner, John Downer, Tracy Moore, Lara Seamon, Kelly Wick, Dominic Boull't and Lisa Roos

6 Year Anniversary

  • Sara Hill

5 Year Anniversary

  • Neal Resnik

4 Year Anniversary

  • Matt Toskin and Wendy Stanich

3 Year Anniversary

  • Nicole Roser, Alan Reed, Lauren Snyder, Jason Grady, Megan Hyde, Adam Porter and Ryan Cappolino

2 Year Anniversary

  • Sierra Hess, Larry Carey, Daley Herzberg, Addie Johnson, Simon Magabe, Monica Staley, Rich Harrison, Glenn Jordan, Ken Scott and Doris Ford

1 Year Anniversary

  • Sam Moore, Amy Erhard, Nick Hawk, Jeff Holmes, Jennifer Malone, Tina Yeager, Sindy Tirado, Cory York, JP MacDonell, Lidia Mejia and Paul Palomino