Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - March 2020

March was a big month for promotions! Congratulations to the following individuals:

Home Office Promotions

  • Clark Wooley - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Brady Stagg - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Kara Wamack - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Kyle Fowler - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Sabrina Morrison - Team Manager - Retail E-Commerce Team
  • Joey Hammers - Senior RevSite Design Specialist
  • Jacob Rhodes - Business Analyst
  • Taylor King - Paid Advertising Implementation Specialist
  • Sierra Hess - Sales Support Specialist 
  • Kali Davis - Senior IT Specialist 

We have some big anniversaries to celebrate, too! Here's who has made another trip around the RevLocal sun:

12 Year Anniversary

  • Kurt Wendling

8 Year Anniversary

  • Kenzie Lemaster and R.J. Lowery

7 Year Anniversary

  • Derek Griego 

5 Year Anniversary

  • Meg Cabosky

4 Year Anniversary

  • Jessie Stafford and Jane Porterfield

3 Year Anniversary

  • Jonathan Hawk, Kyle Torpey, Ryan Boggs and Dan Flesch

2 Year Anniversary

  • Cris Gutierrez, Tiffany Gordon, Michael Haupert, Jacob Rhodes and Josh Webb

1 Year Anniversary

  • Lin Bonner, Kirsten Cupach, Alisha Ferguson, Joey LeClear, Michelle Sliger and Bob Turner

Be sure to come back next month to give a round of applause to our featured employees!