Promotions and Anniversaries at RevLocal - September 2019

Each month, we want to take a moment to recognize our RevLocal employees if they've received a promotion or have reached their anniversary date! 

Congratulations to our employees who were promoted this September:

Sales Area Leader and Manager Promotions

  • Jon Bean - Sales Area Leader
  • Nathen Ray - Sales Area Leader
  • Matt Toskin - RevSite Manager
  • PJ Gassman - Team Manager of Finance & Legal Services
  • Aaron Bridgens - Paid Advertising Implementation Manager

Strategist Promotions

  • Caroline Ball - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Garrett Colburn - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Matt Hupp - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Logan Fadeley - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Lauryn Rabold - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Sasha Wollenburg - Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Brody Quaintance - Brand Strategist

Consultant Promotions

  • Kristi Lloyd - Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Noel Dalina - Field Sales Trainer

Special Operations and Corporate Marketing Promotions

  • Dan Flesch - Senior Digital Media Producer
  • Celia Swetland - Senior Graphic Designer
  • Adam Beutel - Senior RevSite Specialist
  • Morgen Lewis - Lead RevSite Design Specialist

Our team hit quite a few anniversary milestones this September! Here's who we're celebrating:

11 Year Anniversary

  • Sean Alberts

6 Year Anniversary 

  • Andrea Reinbolt, Kevin Lowry and Kelly Skidmore

5 Year Anniversary

  • George Horrigan, Nick Landers and Morgan Difatta

4 Year Anniversary

  • Derek Griego and Amy VanderEyk 

3 Year Anniversary

  • Kali Davis and Melissa Palmer

2 Year Anniversary 

  • Aaron Bridgens, Alix Cochran, Jaynee Griley, Joey Hammers and Kimmy Trujillo

1 Year Anniversary

  • Jenny Bruck, Jeff Antenucci, Catherine Cooper, Briana Elias, Grace Green, Logan Van Wy, Taylor King, Nathan Kneifel, Kelly Cross and Michael Hillman

Stay tuned for next month's promotions and anniversaries!