Foursquare has new check-in, local search updates

Foursquare recently released two new updates: filters for price and location on local business pages and a smarter use of data to show users' check-in history.

Foursquare has instituted big changes lately to its local business pages, pitting them against Yelp for users' local search loyalty. According to Foursquare's blog, the new filters encompass specials, price range and hours - filters that users expect from a local search directory. Foursquare also draws on its rich data to offer filters for whether users have been to a restaurant and which of their friends have been there. It allows users to save a list of businesses for later viewing. Filters are already available online and will be available soon for mobile devices.

Drawing on its rich user data, Foursquare also released an update to incentivize users to check in at local businesses. When users check in at local businesses, they will receive a pop-up message connecting this to their check-in history. For example, if a user checks in at a local restaurant, Foursquare could draw on data to tell that user that his or her last visit to this restaurant was exactly one year ago.

It is still uncertain whether users like Foursquare's recent updates, but local businesses will benefit  if users check in more frequently.