Google removes another local search feature

Google recently dropped the "More results near..." feature in its local search option. When conducting a local search, users are presented with local results and then a "More results near..." link to enable them to find other options that aren't at the top of the search. According to Jade Wang, the removal of this local search option will enable "more seamless exploration of places and more integration of local data."

This quiet revision comes on the heels of several other recent revisionsto Google's search product, including the related search filter and the instant previews. It seems that regular Google search users took little notice of these changes, which makes sense, as Google typically removes search features that have had little usage, but many local SEO experts are up in arms about Google's search updates.

Tina Courtney-Brown from SiteProNews notes that SEO experts relied on many of the removed features for not only providing skills to their clients, but also helping "Google maintain credibility and high user satisfaction." Though SEOs are some of Google's heaviest users, they only make up a fraction of a percentage of all Google users. It remains to be seen whether their opinions will be taken into account, but it doesn't appear likely.