Increasing SEO on a multilingual site

In a global marketplace, many companies are looking to develop local SEO strategies for their internet marketing campaigns that can work in multiple languages. Many companies are faced with the same challenge when launching a website into a new market with different languages, consumer behavior and cultural activities.

In a blog piece for Search Engine Watch, Miranda Miller outlined some best practices for companies launching a multilingual SEO strategy such as optimizing the website for UTF-8 characters. It is important for characters used in SEO strategies to be picked up and read properly in different locations. Localization of a website can mean changing a company's message or grammar in order for the keywords and phrases to flow naturally throughout the content.

In another piece on the website, staff writer Christian Arno said businesses transitioning to a multilingual SEO strategy should first translate all their keywords from the native language to the new language, and then work with a translator to establish keyword-specific content to describe the business, product or service being offered in a way local consumers will understand and respond.

Companies should then research a new list of keywords with a detailed data analysis of search trends for the target consumer audience to ensure the SEO strategy is in line with shopper behavior in the region, Arno reported.