Marketers believe social sharing is important for local SEO

A new report by BrightEdge shows that one-third of marketing professionals believe social sharing will have a bigger impact than ever before on local SEO in 2013. Marketers overwhelmingly said they would focus on Facebook content for social sharing - about 86 percent of respondents. Marketers as a whole were least likely to report focusing on Twitter for social sharing (only 41 percent of respondents).

No matter what site one uses, the shift to social sharing is a big thing. According to Wired magazine, social sharing is the second most important factor in boosting local search rankings in 2013. Social sharing is pretty basic: It's when a social media user creates content that others share. For local search marketing by small businesses, social sharing should involve using keywords, writing relevant content and finding ways to get credible local people or groups to share one's content. Small-business owners and social marketing strategists should keep in mind that others will not share content that is poorly written, irrelevant or useless to their followers, and Google does not give a rankings boost to companies producing content that isn't beneficial for people, no matter how many keywords are used. Marketing strategy teams for small businesses can find ways to connect to gain social sharing status through methods such as good content marketing.