Search engine leaders support common markups

In an effort to make the web a richer place, a trio of the largest, most frequented search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo - have collaborated on a project to support a common vocabulary for data markup on web pages, Inside Search reports.

Schemas, the collection of HTML tags that webmasters use to markup their pages and make them more recognizable on search results, have long mandated different requirements for different search engines. With markups now universal, webmasters can more easily improve how their site appears in Google, Bing and Yahoo local search results, and potentially other engines in the future.

"At Bing we understand the significant investment required to implement markup, and feel strongly that by partnering with Google and Yahoo on standard schemas, webmasters can be more efficient with the time they invest," said the company in a blog post, as quoted by PCMag.

Inside Search points out that growing websites such as and have utilized a similar service from Google called rich snippets, which allows users to receive non-textual information such as reviews, personal profiles, local business information or details about a product they were searching.