SEO basics for small businesses

Having a great local SEO strategy is important to making your business relevant on the web. The last thing you want is for your business to be punished because of poorly implemented SEO techniques. But as a small business owner you wear many different hats - you're the CEO, the marketer, the accounting manager and the HR department rolled into one. How can you find the time to make SEO work for your company?

It turns out that local search optimization isn't as difficult as it seems. If you want to stick with a do-it-yourself approach, there are some simple tips to keep in mind to ensure SEO works for you and gives your company the best results possible.

Generate new content
Is your business consistently creating new web content? Because your competition probably is. One of the first ways to optimize your company's SEO is to post fresh content more frequently. Let's say the last time your business posted new content was two months ago - if this sounds familiar, your company is missing out. Your largest competitor could be posting new material several times a week, making them seem more relevant and like more of an authority than your business.

However, you need to watch out, because quality is just as important as quantity. There's no benefit to providing pointless, worthless content. Make sure your small business is offering helpful tips, answering questions or taking an authoritative stance on industry news.

Choose keywords carefully
Consider how local clients will find your company. In this day and age, they're likely to type a phrase into a search engine and check out the businesses that pop up. Don't just create content that features only a single keyword. Instead, come up with a list of words that are relevant to your business and likely to be typed into a search engine.

Once you're successfully implementing these keywords in your frequent posts, it can be easy to forget about them. But just as your web content needs to be fresh and relevant, so do your keywords. When you're taking the time to post new material, consider any new industry trends, problems or newsworthy subjects. If something sticks out, are there any new relevant keywords you can work into your content? Local search marketing is just as important to your business as anything else, and knowing the basics of SEO can generate new business for your company.