Why Scheduled Press Releases Are Important to Your SEO Strategy

We have all heard that creating press releases is pretty important when it comes to a company's internet marketing strategy. However, what is talked about less often is the regular release of press releases and how vital this is to search engine ranking.

Why Search Engines Love Press Releases

Before delving deep into the reasoning behind press release scheduling, we have to first review why search engines love press releases. Most internet marketing gurus will agree that engaging, informative content is what sets a high ranking website above a low ranking one, especially after Google's latest algorithm update. But where does a press release fit into the scope?

A press release is basically an article written about your company and/or event, in a newsworthy format. This information is usually exciting, informative, and easy to read. It is this information that allows readers and potential clients to understand what your company does. And this is the part that search engines love.

In fact, they love press releases so much that they are often ranked higher than traditional articles. While this may be due to the klout of a few of the press release websites that would ordinarily host your piece, it does give your company a "name" on the web.

Why Creating Scheduled Press Releases is Important

A scheduled press release is no different than an ordinary press release, except for one key difference. Scheduled press releases are often done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This means that you are submitting a new press release to the wires every week, two weeks, or month.

In this case, more often is much better. However, you want to make sure you are not overdoing it, raising red flags for Google and other search engines. Also, coming up with any more sensational newsworthy topics that close together can be a bit tough.

To recap, many website owners are cheating themselves out of additional ranking opportunities by not releasing any or enough press releases on a regular basis.