Google Enhanced Campaigns: What, When, How

Online advertising is a constantly changing landscape that can sometimes feel difficult to navigate alone. One of the developments that has businesses buzzing is the rollout of Google's most recent offering--Google Enhanced Campaigns. The new tools contained in the platform give advertisers more control than ever before--particularly when it comes to targeting consumers.

If you've been considering online advertising, this can be a great opportunity to place your business front and center--if handled correctly. Let's start by demystifying this coming advance.

What is a Google Enhanced Campaign?

Google Enhanced Campaigns offer evolving parameters for an evolving world:

Bid Adjustments allow you to target by device. Users are browsing using different technology (laptops, tablets, smartphones), at different times of day, in different places. Enhanced Campaigns offer the opportunity to set bids based on the type of device, radius, or time of day. That way you can spend more on getting the visits that yield more results for you.

Smarter Ads take this logic one step further, and display the interface you want viewers to see most. Those searching on a mobile device have very different needs from desktop users. With Enhanced Campaigns, mobile viewers can be delivered a mobile optimized site, while tablets and PCs can be led to a more appropriate, full-featured site.

More detailed reporting offers insight into which campaigns deliver the best results for you, and breaks your conversions down by type for detailed analysis.

Who Will They Effect?

These changes offer a significantly more powerful advertising experience for small and medium sized businesses. Stricter control and more customized delivery for varying user profiles will give advertisers a significantly better bang for their buck. However, existing campaigns will require refinement and upgrading in order to utilize these changes.

The new parameters also offer a more relevant search experience for customers and users. Having search results delivered in the appropriate format for the device being used makes life simpler--no pinching or pushing needed! And better-targeted ads mean that users are receiving the best that businesses have to offer.

When Do Enhanced Campaigns Begin?

Businesses can opt-in starting immediately, but all campaigns will require upgrading by mid-2013.

How Do I Participate?

Consulting an online marketing agency with expertise using the existing Google Adwords platform for help delivering the strongest possible advertising campaign. You can request an assessment of your existing advertising campaign now to stay ahead of the curve, or develop a whole new marketing approach that integrates these changes from the ground up.

These changes benefit all parties, and can be easily implemented.