How Can New Twitter Tools Help My Business

Twitter has been busy upgrading its platform with a number of new features. No surprise, the tools have become popular among consumers, especially those looking for more interaction than obtained on other social media platforms. Some of these at first look like tools that are primarily designed for the individual versus a business. However, when the possibilities of these tools are considered, local businesses may find new avenues for marketing are available.

Twitter Happenings

For mobile users Twitter has upgraded its mobile application to allow users to perform historical and topic specific searches in the Twitter universe. Specifically, the new feature allows a user to find specific tweets or specific users and their posts for historical reading. Additionally, Twitter also has a photo filter that produces the desired search results on a grid for easy review and picking close-ups. Video-filtering works the same way. Finally, Twitter’s trending timeline allows a user to track events and trends, particularly how they are impacting or being shared across the Twitter universe. The timeline feature works for both big issues, as well as potentially local interest events as well.

How to Use the Tools

For a business these new search tools potentially offer some significant consumer awareness penetration, depending how they are used. For example, a company could leverage all of its previous Twitter posts and put out new information for new customers, making it easy for them to find previous Twitter information about products, viable coupons, events and similar.

Further, advertisements from the local business can include links to Twitter history and how to search for previous images. With a bit of creativity, image connections could be theme-based, improving brand awareness in customers with content and entertaining search games.

Finally, the timeline feature allows a business to track the impact of both external and internal events with regards to how they are rippling across Twitter. This provides a goldmine for topic tags a business can tie to with its own Twitter blasts, triggering new readership and potential connections to a company’s products or services.

Some of the timeline tips to follow help prepare Twitter posts for later use. These include:

  • Ensure that tweets include linkages to a custom timeline to make sure they tie back.
  • Tweets are added to timeline based on posting order, not subject chronology. So users need to be conscious of how they are posted to a timeline. Fortunately, out of order items can be deleted and reposted.
  • Timelines can be embedded in new tweets via TweetDeck and live web URL address inclusion.

In Summary

The above examples show that just because new social media features may seem to be individual user-centric, it doesn't mean they can't be manipulated for a local business's marketing needs. One just needs to think about how to use the tools correctly for the desired results.