Sports fans and teams meeting up on social networks

Sports teams are connecting with fans on popular social media sites to meet the demand for greater interaction and real-time coverage.

MLB joins Pinterest

Every major league baseball team has now joined Pinterest. Marketing Land suggests that the league might have made the move because Pinterest is largely dominated by female visitors - a demographic it's eager to appeal to.

Time reports that approximately 97 percent of Pinterest fans are women. Men are bigger fans of Google+ and make up two-thirds of its audience. All 30 MLB teams also have sites on Google+.

Some teams have been faring better than others on the network, the source reports. The Milwaukee Brewers have the most followers - 906 - and maintain 18 different boards. MLB's move into Pinterest could help the sports league attract female followers, especially since the site has grown 237 percent since the start of the year, according to a ComScore report.

In addition to Pinterest and Google+, league officials blog on Tumblr. The MLB has pages on all three networks so it can provide fans with news and updates no matter which site they use. The official league has created a social media clubhouse where it provides links to each of its accounts and offers information for fans. Each official team website also includes links to social network pages, usually on the bottom of the homepage, the source reports.

Teams using home turf for advertising advantage

While most teams are using their official homepages to advertise their social networking accounts, some teams have gone as far as emblazoning their playing fields with them. The Celtics appear to be the first professional sports team to do so, Marketing Land reports.

It recently The team included its @celtics Twitter handle on the parquet floor during a recent game to build its online following. The source reports that when asked why the team didn't use advertise its Facebook account, the Celtics' director of interactive media said they it already has 5.6 million Facebook fans and they have there is more room for growth on Twitter.

Although the Celtics may be the first pro team to include Twitter in its advertising, it isn't the first sports team to do so. Last year, the Mississippi State Bulldogs painted both end zones with the hashtag #hailstate. While it may be difficult to measure the exact ROI of such a campaign, Marketing Land expects the strategy will prove successful and that other teams will soon follow.