What type of social media post photo drives the most traffic?

A social media post that includes a photo draws at least seven times more likes, comments and sharing, according to Facebook. This says a lot about its ability to form an emotional connection, which is the primary purpose of social media from a marketing perspective. Users are typically using social media in the evening after work, and seeing an attractive or interesting photo is a pleasurable alternative to text-heavy posts; and if they enjoy what they see, they're more likely to follow the company.

It makes sense to leverage the statistics and post with photos, particularly on the image-centered social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Slideshare, Instagram and Tumblr. Facebook acquired Instagram for a reason, and as Pinterest continues to grow dramatically, incorporating a social media image strategy into your business marketing plan is a logical step.

Incorporate Images into the Buying Cycle

Incorporating an image strategy into the standard buying cycle can help you work towards enhancing revenue. For example, a "How-To" image or infographic that demonstrates an aspect of a buyer's problem that your business product or service solves, or how a solution your business offers works, can enhance the other marketing content published online. An image invites shareability, which can help promote sales if the photo is directly tied to your business. 

Create a Community

One reason that the social media engagement in business is popular is that it empowers consumers to influence the brands and companies that they sponsor through their purchasing decisions. A way that an image is naturally connected to this motivation is posting a user-generated content (UGC) call-to-action. Depending on the business, it could consist of a photo contest or an image that renders their use of your business's product or service. The Beta Brand clothing company has a strong social media community of twenty- and thirty-somethings that post photos wearing the products while performing extreme sports, such as snowboarding and bungee jumping. The campaign has been so successful that customers have become loyal contributors to the design team, voting on new styles and designs, dictating the clothing that releases in the following season. 

Share Your Accomplishments

Depending on your brand's level of transparency, an award, accomplishment, new product or employment shift could be shared with a photo on a social media website. Behind-the-scenes engagement has become more common, and it further serves to emotionally connect the audience with your business. 

Images that Attract Engagement

Employing a few tricks is sometimes necessary to stand out from the status quo, particularly in online marketing. A few photo types that grab attention, include:

  • an extreme close-up of an object 
  • a photo that includes an overlay of text 
  • an image that includes a graphic manipulation that contradicts a common concept

Using a photo editing application has never been easier now that free online tools that give a surprisingly comprehensive and user-friendly range of options are widely available. Pixlr.com is a quick and useful resource.

Give a Blog Post a Boost of Visibility

Your business's blog post can be shared exponentially more frequently when it is accompanied by an attractive or relevant image. People need to feel secure in forwarding information to friends and colleagues, and an attractive package can seal the deal.

Use a Guide to Format an Image Optimally

The technical aspect of image posting cannot be overlooked. It will never work to have a fabulous image that is wasted with distortion or sizing problems. Use this guide as a reference to ensure the fit is perfect on each social media channel.