Why Using Pinterest for Marketing is a Good Idea

[IMAGE left medium] Social media is being used for so many things in today's world. Most businesses have a Facebook or Twitter account, but what about Pinterest? Pinterest is an online community where members "pin" the things they like to virtual boards. It lets others see what you like and what is available that they may not know about otherwise. It is a great way to promote your business, but you need to make sure that you are representing your business well.


Pinterest will definitely gain exposure for your business as long as you take extra care in making sure that content is "pinnable." The more people that pin your business or things that it offers, the more exposure it will get and the more business you will gain. Unlike some other social media sites where exposure is based solely on other people sharing or liking your business page, Pinterest lets you choose a category when creating a board and anyone who looks through that category can potentially see your pin and then repin it to one of their boards. This repinning will continue as more people see the pin, thus driving new business to your company. As people see what your business has to offer, you will have people that follow you and either one or all of your boards. This will also bring you more business. Some tips to make sure your boards are primed to drive business include:

  • Make sure your boards are organized. Well organized boards will ensure that potential customers will continue to browse your business and repin what you offer so that others may see it. It will also drive more leads, because more people will follow you if they can easily navigate your site. Title your boards appropriately and keep like material together.
  • Ensure that any photos you post are good quality. You don't want to post any pictures that are fuzzy or too small.
  • Don't just pin to your boards and expect others to repin. Spend some time each week looking around Pinterest just for fun. People that you pin from are more likely to look at your pins and repin from you or start following you.
  • Always make sure that your links work. There is nothing worse on Pinterest than having a broken link. Not only will it keep others from visiting your boards, you can be reported for it and possibly lose your boards.
  • Find others that can help you professionally. If other professionals talk about your business, people will be prone to take a look.
  • Make sure you have a Pinterest button on your website. This will enable those who see the web site to pin to their boards.


While the cons are few, there are some. You cannot use the site solely for promotion, it states that in their pin etiquette section. Pinterest will not immediately make you famous. You must be willing to make an effort. Women are the primary users, so if your target audience isn't women, Pinterest may not help.

Do a little research before deciding to use Pinterest. Take your time organizing your boards and then start pinning. The more you pin and the more you are an active member on the site, the better your chances are of Pinterest being a successful business platform.