Google's YouTube has most unique viewers, helps company expand reach

According to the latest data from comScore's Video Metrix, 182 million U.S. internet users watched online video content in December 2011 - trumping last year's total by 10 million people.

Furthermore, the average number of hours watched per viewer rose significantly year over year, from 14.6 to 23.2.

Google sites (which include YouTube) ranked as the top video content property last month, with 157.2 million unique viewers. VEVO finished second with 53.7 million, followed by Yahoo sites, Viacom Digital and Facebook.

Hulu, a popular website for watching TV episodes had just 31.2 million unique viewers last month, meaning that local internet marketing advertisers would be more successful at reaching a wider audience via YouTube and VEVO, despite Hulu's perceived popularity.

One company that capitalized on a recent YouTube campaign was producer of tongue-cleaning products Orabrush. Launched in 2009, the brand saw 16 million views on its first video, and his since become the third-most subscribed sponsor channel on YouTube behind Apple and Old Spice.

Specifically, it has more than 166,000 subscribers and more than 45 million channel views.