Moms are surprising social media users

In honor of the recent Mother's Day holiday, let's delve into some mom-centric social media statistics.

According to a recent study from Performics, moms were more apt to purchase items as a result of a social media recommendation than women who don't have children (42 percent vs. 29 percent). This reflects additional findings that show moms are becoming more social media-friendly, suggesting they find the updates, advice, and discounts offered by companies they follow to be especially useful.

For instance, moms are 16 percent more likely than other women to log into Facebook on a daily basis (85 percent versus 73 percent), and are 38 percent more likely to purchase from brands that they "like" on the social media platform (44 percent to 32 percent).

When looking at industry-specific purchases, researchers found that moms were more likely to make an apparel purchase (54 percent), an automobile purchase (64 percent) and a travel purchase (64 percent). Again, it was found that many of these purchases were spurred by recommendations from others, exhibiting the impact social media has on word-of-mouth marketing.

Looking at the other side of the marketing spectrum, moms thinking about running or expanding their small businesses may turn to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest instead of spending big bucks on traditional marketing avenues, InMaricopa explains.

But there is social etiquette that moms must abide by to obtain a return on investment. What moms must recognize first and foremost is that they need to maintain a social presence at all times during their campaigns. They should engage their followers and provide them with quality content to keep them coming back for more.

"Yes, ultimately you want (followers) to buy from you - but they’re much more likely to do that if they like you," the news source explains.

One way to do this is to try and make every update or post as genuine as possible. Avoid using a "promotional megaphone," notes the media outlet, and instead try sharing interesting stories, links or thoughtful and insightful tips that the audience might care about.