Social media barometer gauges platforms' likability

According to a recent study from email and social media marketing software service iContact, not all merchants are on board with today's most popular social media platforms.

Facebook was by far the most revered site, as 76 percent of respondents had favorable feelings toward the platform. However, small business owners in the finance and insurance industries lagged in their love for Mark Zuckerberg's creation, with only one-third of them saying they like it.

Twitter and Google Plus' love/hate barometers were nearly identical, with 54 percent of respondents professing an affinity toward the former, while 48 percent felt positively about the latter. Small companies tended to have less love for Twitter, while businesses reporting more than $100 million in revenue were more likely to boast about the product.

The big loser in the study was Groupon, which was hated by 70 percent of those surveyed. Financial services companies and investors loathe it the most, at 80 percent, while spa and salon services felt the least angst at 45 percent.

According to Business Insider, questions over Groupon's accounting practices and its overall sustainability have dropped its IPO from $25 billion to between $10 billion and $11 billion over the last four months.