Study: Hispanics are the dominant social media users

A recent study revealed that Hispanics use social media networks more often than members of any other ethnicity.

BIGinsight's American Pulse Survey polled nearly 3,500 respondents between February 13 and February 20. What researchers found was that on every single major social media platform - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare, Google+ and Pinterest - Hispanics were the dominant demographical user when it came to logging in at least once a day.

For instance, 60.7 percent of Hispanics logged into Facebook once a day or more often, compared to 60.3 percent of African Americans and 53.7 percent of Caucasians.

"Hispanics are the most avid social media users among ethnic groups," said Dianne Kremer, senior analyst at BIGinsight. "Although blacks report that they spend the most time online in a given day, self-reported time spent on social media sites is higher among Hispanics."

The trend was similar across the board, as 35.4 percent of Hispanics logged into Twitter at least once per day, compared to 28.9 percent of blacks and just 12.6 percent of Caucasians. The same was true for Google+, which saw 27.1 percent of Hispanics log in, followed by 25.6 percent of blacks and 13.8 percent of Caucasians.

Social platforms that don't revolve around constant interaction saw less overall log-ins, but Hispanics still led the way. On foursquare, 13.2 percent of Spanish-speaking Americans logged in once or more per day, compared to 7.2 percent of African Americans and just 2.8 percent of Caucasians. LinkedIn saw 15.5 percent of Hispanics log in, more than tripling the rate for Caucasians (4.8 percent), while blacks fell in the middle, at 10.9 percent.

Last of all was up-and-coming pin-boarding site, Pinterest. A total of 13.2 percent of Hispanics logged into the site at least once a day, followed by blacks (7.3 percent) and Caucasians (5.3 percent). Furthermore, 28.5 percent of Hispanics said they have an account but don't log in every day.

While there's no doubt that Pinterest has been one of the internet's biggest rising stars, a recent study from RJMetrics found that user interaction on the site has been declining. Much of that, according to researchers, can be attributed to the fact that Pinterest has been written about so much in the media lately. Those other than the site's most loyal users have visited the site and subsequently left because it wasn't of interest to them. The primary demographic remains Midwestern females between the ages of 25 and 44.

However, researchers did find that Pinterest engages its users "twice as much" as Twitter when it was at this stage in its lifecycle.