Websites miss opportunities by not adopting social media plugins

A recent study conducted by SEO platform provider Brightedge revealed that a large number of websites are missing out of social media opportunities to increase visibility, Search Engine Watch reports.

The study, which analyzed 4 million randomly sampled tweets, found that websites with a link to the tweet button resulted in an average of 27 link mentions, compared to four average mentions for sites that have yet to adopt a tweet button.

Furthermore, the study also analyzed results using social media links from other popular platforms in addition to Twitter, such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Researchers found that more than half - 53.6 percent - of the internet's top 10,000 websites have social networking links or plugins to at least one of the four major networks - a 0.8 percent increase from one month ago.

Facebook links were most prevalent on sites, with a 50.3 percent adoption rate. Twitter was second at 42.5 percent, the Google +1 button came in third at 8.1 percent and LinkedIn was last with 4 percent.