How Big of a Role Should Social Media Apps Be in Your Marketing Plan?

We all know that social media is important for anyone hoping to gain local internet exposure. But is there a difference between internet based social media and smartphone app based social media? And how big of a role should such apps have in your overall marketing plan?

Why Social Media Apps Should Not Be Ignored

One of the biggest reasons not to ignore mobile marketing apps is that they are becoming widely used by many different demographics. Parents are using them to entertain their children in public, keep their lives organized, and finding convenient services on the go. Business professionals utilize these apps for staying connected with clients, organizing their hectic schedules, and keeping on track. Singles and college students are using social media smartphone apps to connect with friends, schedule nights out, and more. 

The point? All of these groups probably fit somewhere into the demographic you are trying to reach. Ignoring their use of social media smartphone apps is close to asking them to work with your competitor.

And what few realize is, there can be a huge difference between social media apps and social media via the web. While some sites offer both, not all include computer based internet as part of their service. (Instagram used to be a prime example, but is not branching out more towards computer based logins, as well.)

How Much Attention to Pay Social Media Apps & Where to Get Started Incorporating Social Media Apps Into Your Marketing

While making social media apps is a big priority, it should not be your only marketing tactic. These apps (such as Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook, Pinterest, and more) are great for using as a tie in for other promotions you already offer.

Rev Local's staff knows local internet marketing and social media marketing inside and out. The easiest step to including social media apps is to talk with your account representative.