How to use #Twitter hashtags to #promote your business

Twitter is an important part of any modern marketing strategy. Businesses are increasing their use of social media platforms, particularly Twitter. An increasing number of studies show that Twitter is quickly becoming the social media platform of choice for the teen and young adult demographic. This means it is more important than ever for companies to be reaching out to these demographics in the places they are actually spending their time.

Celebrities have been increasingly savvy in how they use Twitter to build their awareness and appeal among teens and young adults. While many companies are now on board with the idea of social media and Twitter, many of them are still unfamiliar with exactly how Twitter works, and how they can use it to their advantage. While Twitter offers a number of paid features that can help bolster your company’s Twitter presence, you still must have a foundation of understanding and image creation that you build yourself. Twitter’s paid options are worthwhile, but only after you understand that what they are doing is a supplement to a robust Twitter presence.

What are hashtags?

“Hashtag” is a term used to describe the “#” symbol when it is used in front of a word or term (e.g. “#socialmedia”). Hashtags are how Twitter categorizes topics and allows people from all over the world to speak about a common interest or event. Hashtags are created spontaneously; anyone can simply include one in one of their Tweets, and anyone searching that hashtag will see their Tweet in real time. In addition, users can click on a hashtag in someone’s Tweet and it will lead them to the overall conversation with that hashtag.

Businesses can use hashtags in two main ways: The first is to find the hashtags that are being used in your specific industry and compose tweets that include those hashtags. This will give your company exposure to anyone that is reading through the specific hashtag conversation. If your company has compelling tweets, this can easily result in new followers.

The second way a company can use hashtags is to try and create a conversation around a hashtag of their choosing. This is more common with larger companies that have large followings on Twitter or companies that are advertising through traditional routes such as television. If you pay attention to television commercials, you will sometimes see a hashtag somewhere during the commercial. These are used to generate a conversation around a specific company or product, or to simply create buzz. The goal with this type of hashtag is to make a topic go “viral” which is an exponential growth in the number of people talking about your company.

“Viral Marketing”, when successful, can be one of the most cost-effective and lucrative marketing strategies yet developed. However, the problem with viral marketing is its organic nature. It can be very difficult to create a viral campaign, and it is the reason why a robust “social media marketing” industry has grown in the wake of Twitter’s success.